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Swifts' custom fabrics can be developed to meet your specific needs.

Our own proprietary technology custom materials are incorporated into gaskets, conductive tape, shielding cable wrap, curtains, doors, tents, grounding straps, current carrying and resistance heating applications.  STM fabrics have been specified into many US and European military programs after rigorous testing. Our products include Woven, Nonwoven & Knitted fabrics.


Swift-Shield offers EMI/RFI Shielding Protection

Swift-Shield is a very flexible conductive fabric that can be used in many applications to protect people and sensitive electronic equipment from interference.
Swift-Shield solves the problems of microwaves and other radio waves that can be hazardous to people and equipment.  These electromagnetic waves or electrical 'noise' come from all products powered by   electricity.  They include all the personal low power electronic devices that we all rely on including cell phones, pagers, and wireless computers.  Radio broadcasting towers, air traffic control radars and common industrial equipment typically produce stronger radio waves which can seriously harm people and damage equipment.

Technicians request Swift-Shield tents, which are completely enclosed, when testing powerful radio transmitters to protect themselves and to prevent damaging nearby equipment.


Swift-Lock  offers Hook & Loop functionality

Swift-Lock is used to close an electrical noise shielding jacket that  covered each data cable and prevented the manufacturing equipment from interfering with information from computers and bar code readers used on the factory floor.  Swift-Lock is a reusable electrically conductive hook and loop for grounding static electricity and closing shielding jackets.  Adding more cables into the jacket is easy since the Swift-Lock  remains conductive even after many opening and closings.  Splicing new off-shoots onto the jacket is easily done by fastening the new jacket to the existing jacket with Swift-Lock fastener.

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