Our Solutions


Capabilities and Quality

STM maintains the highest standards in quality and performance. Our goal is to maintain our uncompromising commitment to quality and to leverage our full range of manufacturing capabilities. Through this commitment, we are able to consistently provide our clients with industry leading value-based solutions.


    In addition to manufacturing standard materials, STM partners with clients to provide value through the design and development of application-specific materials to suit your specific requirements.

    STM’s goal is to find the best solution by partnering with our clients on early application and design considerations – whether the application requires a slight modification to an existing STM product or creation of a custom solution. Our engineering team can provide application-specific support to incorporate our materials into complex solutions to advance a project from concept to production.


    Our proprietary EnCap™ metalization process creates a molecular bond between metals and fibers, completely encapsulating each fiber to deliver a durable, permanent, unbreakable bond while maintaining the mechanical properties of each fabric. This unique technology enables STM to deliver best-in-class conductivity, durability, reliability and repeatability for maximum performance and lifecycle value. Our materials are ideal for applications requiring for constant bending, stretching and abrading.

    This process results in electrically conductive materials that are lightweight and flexible with limitless application potential, especially in comparison to traditional conductive materials, which can be bulky, rigid and heavy.

  • Value-Added Services

    In our efforts to provide our clients with solutions, we can provide a variety of value-added services to our base materials via in-house capabilities and through additional industry partnerships. These services include but are not limited to:

    Lamination services:
    • Pressure sensitive adhesives
    • Conductive adhesives
    • Hot melt adhesives
    • Carrier films
    Polymeric coatings:
    • Thermoset urethanes
    • Thermoplastic urethanes
    • Polyvinyl and silicone
    Dimensional cutting:
    • Tape slitting
    • Die cutting
    • Automated CNC cutting

  • On Site Laboratory

    Our Quality and R&D laboratory is located within STM’s 30,000 ft² facility, with capabilities to perform a wide range material testing to ASTM requirements using industry-accepted equipment, including:

    Electrical & mechanical testing:
    • Sheet and volume resistance
    • Tensile/peel force, tear, elongation
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Dimensional analysis
    RF material characterization:
    • 30 MHz – 1.5 GHz
    • 2 GHz – 18 GHz
    • Additional RF testing through
    industry partnerships
    Environmental resistance testing:
    • Temperature exposure from
    -100°f to 500°F

    • UV accelerated aging
    • Elevated temperature fluid exposure


    STM maintains a network of partnerships with 3rd party laboratories to perform additional testing and material characterization as needed.


    Our organization maintains a current certificate of registration with the American Systems Registrar for the design, manufacture and sale of electrically conductive materials, and textiles consisting of wovens, non-wovens, knits, fibers, filaments and finished products.

    This certification enables us to serve customers in industries where outstanding supplier performance and the highest standards of product quality are absolute requirements in order to guarantee mission success. This signifies STM’s commitment to ensure quality product is manufactured safely and delivered on time to all customers.

    AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration

  • Quality

    Our goal Is to listen to our customers and meet or exceed their expectations by providing them with consistent high quality cost effective solutions rather than just handling transactions. We will maintain our leadership role through active pursuit of continuous quality improvement programs and employee training and awareness that ensures our ability to do the job right the first time.

    Even in the face of unprecedented global supply chain challenges, STM maintains an on-time delivery rate of greater than 98.5% and product quality greater than 99.9%.

    STM draws upon the global strength, presence, and expertise of being part of Integrated Polymer Solutions. Integrated Polymer Solutions is a group of highly respected manufacturing businesses exclusively focused on Engineered Elastomers, Survivability Materials, and Biomedical Elastomeric Solutions. As a result, STM has access to the best minds and processes in the industry, a global support network, and best-in-class design engineering and manufacturing expertise.